My name is Tom Jolliffe. I’m a freelance film journalist and award winning screenwriter. I currently write for popular UK film site, Flickering Myth. I’m an English, Film and Creative writing graduate.

Movies are my passion. I’ve been a film fan for as long as I can remember and love to be transported away to wherever a film-maker wishes to take me. As well as watching and appreciating film, I have an ambition to create my own, primarily as a screenwriter. In late 2014 I completed a short film I co-produced called Out. Released in 2015, this stars Shone Romulus (Top Boy) and Joerg Stadler (Saving Private Ryan) alongside the other fantastic cast members.

In 2015 I sold the short screenplay, Over The Edge. Currently in post production, the film was directed by Thanos Tatoupozis, a VFX artist who has worked on Gravity.

After a slight marriage related, and then baby added distraction through 2016 into early 17, I’m back in the swing again. I wrote the short film Winter Hill. This was shot in September by Alex Lawton (Out) and is due for release early 2019 and has enjoyed a successful Festival run with a host of nominations, selections, and a couple of award wins for myself.

Last year I worked as UK casting director and location scout on a Thai Feature film. ‘How Are Yah’ is a comedy of errors about the complexity of the English language for non-native speakers, due in cinemas across Asia in 2019.

I then moved onto developing a couple more shorts. ‘Estranged’ a family drama about two long lost sisters reconnecting. This shot early 2018. In late 2018 shot another short film ‘The Dark Recess’ a complex and engaging psychological sci-fi horror in the vein of Cronenberg, Lynch, Kubrick and Tarkovsky. I am also developing the feature drama, Feral with actor/director Leila Bartell (Idira).

Late 2018 also saw a break into genre feature films. Five are currently in various stages of production. Vikings Vs Scarecrow (Post), Cy:Wife, Reign Of Chaos, Adrasteia: The Inescapable and Hell-Girl. All due for production and release throughout 2019/2020.

Screen-writing is a frustrating yet rewarding craft. It allows one to create whatever comes to mind, and even if that screenplay never sees the light of day its creation has still been bought to life on the page, even if it’s only the writer who has read it. I’ve so far enjoyed writing a really wide and diverse mix, from straight dramas, to psychologically complex fantasy, to fun genre films (when someone asks me to write something like Vikings Vs Scarecrow, I can’t turn that down). I’ve dug deep to write some films, and others I’ve found a simple joy to write. I’ve enjoyed some recognition for a few shorts now, been proud of my self-produced works, and I’m very much looking forward to picking up my feature films on their release. To walk into an store and pick up one of my DVD’s will be a proud moment indeed.



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